WinAwards Russia team works under an capacious moto: “We change your view at the windows”. The concept of the award is to identify the leader at the market level and assign it a nomination, allowing to identify the best producer in this field in this market.

Taking as the basis the moto of the award “We change your view at the windows”, I got the idea to turn the angle of view of the window frame in the logotype. Which became the main grouping element in the emblem of the award. The choice of the color scheme should correspond to the requests and wishes of the customer as much as possible, there are two leading colors of the brand deep blue and gold candle. They were supplemented with two types of chevrons for working with the visualisation of the brand. Chevrons are the decals as the emblems in any brand. Chevrons appeared first of all as unification of WinAwards. In my work on the brand, I always add this graphic layer, it allows to other designers who will work with the brand in the future to capture the character and behaviour of the created image.

The main materials-carriers of the brand are POS products: booklets, information guides, letterheads, business cards, diplomas, award plaques, press and etc.

Thanks to the team-organizers of the award, the brand lives not only on advertising and information media, but also in the environment. If you use of the brand concept proper it is a pledge of its holistic view. Often in this industry we meet the situation when the strong points of the brand formed by the designer are blurred and become an impersonal event.

Another interesting task for me was preparing the brand book — it is the creation of a comprehensive guide for partners and prize winners who can subsequently use the premium logo on their resources and media. Therefore, the complexity of the task was making the sign in such a way that it can be easily adapted to any other unique brand. And most importantly, it’s a combination, recognizability, and differentiation.

In this project, the entire ideology is perfectly realized in practice. All events are formed under one harmony. For me, this work is not only an experience, but also participation in the process of creating an interesting event.


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