Three simple steps to swipe your money easily


The purpose of the website is generated data-bases with the information of users between banks aсcounts and other financial programs.

The main task of the project is to provide the user a huge cluster of formulas and scripts for working with his own budget. They must be subordinated to the whole unique “galaxy”. The center of the Galaxy is navigation through different transactions. Everything that is inside the “Galaxy” has already done, everything that is outside is planning payments, or previously committed and no longer relevant. It took a huge amount of time to understand how this system works. I had done a tremendous amount of work to systematize the learning materials for the system, before I started the visualisation for the site. It gave me the possibility to simplify the work with the resource.

All the main work with the transaction system takes place in one window. A system created on the basis of a custom dashboard grid, in order to facilitate the perceived the group of information on the site.

The main idea was to divide the payment system into three levels, which should have its own distinctive characteristics. Such characteristics became: color, level of attachments and properties of objects of each level. This is a counterparty, an account / warehouse and good.

I have been working on a lot of stories of user behaviour on the site for a year. I destroyed liters of inks, and erased hundreds of pencils. So that is the basis of any design is designing. The ideology of developing this site is everything should be simple and obvious.

The main ______ in details

Despite the task, it is still impossible to avoid a complexity. But the more information is systemized, the more it is perceived correctly. The project involves many navigation elements to provide maximum freedom of actions for visual structuring of information about user’s payments.

Of course, the site also has standard tables and checks of completed payments. Also in different tabs, you can calculate diagrams and build schemes for planning your funds. Apart from the users have a free space for work in the system, the users also have the ability to customize individual objects on their own associations. The site contains a lot of prepared elements, but the dashboard also allows you to load your own. It all depends on the user’s behaviour.

Three levels of work in the system, three colors and three levels of payments. It’s simple. The result of tedious work has become a flexible client-oriented interface for working with the budget. Now the site is in the process of implementation.


GalaxyMoney Ltd.

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