The project for the development of a cover and illustrations for a book with grandmother’s recipes. The book should be home, cozy and beautiful. Therefore, I should create illustrations with natural materials and paints.

I always combine different materials in painting and see what properties and in what situations you can use them. For example, I used vegetable and berry juices in the illustrations for this project. Beet, carrot and black currant juice. Natural juices in high concentration and in combination with citric acid have some special magical properties when you use them on classic watercolor paper.

I never aspire to a realistic presentation in my illustrations. I’m always interested in using my own perception of the transmitted environment and objects. For example, for this book, the basis of the composition is the color. As I wrote earlier, the color combination was created with natural juices.

The texture of the book’s paper was chosen for multi-page book with 12-sheet blocks on stitching. And the choice of material for the cover was made from the calculation of the maximum brightness for digital printing, and the minimum soiled material, if you use the book constantly in the kitchen while cooking.

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