The most difficult thing is to overcome oneself

This case is about the preparation of branding for the BigGame. This is a unique motivational program for Russian business, which includes a rich leadership course for the most promising employees of the company. 

The metaphor of the logos is based on a knot that visualises cohesion and team spirit.

The best employee in the rating, based on the results of work for the quarter, gets the opportunity to undergo extreme physical and moral tests in one of the exotic countries of the world.

During the process of working on the sign, I wanted to create a style link to herb-like logos. I simplified it as much as possible, and then I added a cartouche in the body of the emblem to make it more quadratic.

I saw the logo as a modern emblem, because the main task of the logo is decorating uniforms and being a distinctive sign for sports equipment. At the same time, the maximum reduction in detail of the logo allows using it on completely any media using any printing options and technologies.

Motivation to awakening


MyBigGame — industry of events

MTS (Mobile TeleSystems)

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