I engaged with a very unusual task some time ago from the company Oriflame. It was necessary to prepare a local site, which should be used on mobile devices in most cases.  The contractor’s company has a special platform for such sites to organize this kind of events, and it was necessary to prepare a visualisation on its basis. The site should be so clear that the programmers can make it less than a week.

The main task was to work out the visualisation on the current platform. It structure should be more evident for the end-user, and simple for the programmers of this site. I got the great brandbook and guide for my work, which was prepared by Lisette Degerman & Caroline Nilsson for the visualisation of the event.

This project was interesting precisely as the framework. That was a challenge me to achieve this goal. These are things when you should consider interests of different types of audience and users, from developers to the end-user.

In the end, we managed to achieve the desired result, which fully consistent with the customer’s requests. And it turned out to be practically useful for people who are participants of the conference. Where they are always online can look at the plan of the event, always be aware of the changes, and find out interesting information about upcoming excursions, and view information about other participants. Also, the contacts of event-managers are always at hand. A curious function, in my opinion, is the ability to pull a personal map with all the necessary marks for the participants: where to go, what to see, and how to return back to the hotel.


Oriflame Holding AG

PamPamPam Ltd.

Lisette Degerman & Caroline Nilsson

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