The big data of history was rescued

One of the most difficult and interesting progect in my experience is the site for AxxonSoft is a leading developer of smart integrated security and video surveillance systems. The AxxonSoft VMS and PSIM platforms power more than 240 Safe City municipal surveillance projects and security systems at retailers, banks, international airports, seaports, industrial sites, and numerous government and business facilities around the world. And the site contains a sea of information. So, the goal was to save everything, redesign and structure.

Because of a big quantity information on the site the menu and links turned into a big problem. After careful analysis I came to the conclusion that permanent surfing the site was so boring and torturing user. The user will get frustrated before he or she finds whats needed. The first task was wipped off the site 4-levels links, and save 3rd-level menu. Therefore I added the rescue functional. It is the modal windows. Each modal window has the unique link, it gives an opportunity to copy it from browser application and share this link with other users. It sounds strange, don’t it? Thanks to programmers who found the solution. My second achievement was simplification of quantity of the links until 3 types sorted by importance.

Below you can see the preview of the modal window, which is the independent page, but it works like familiar pop-up window on the page where the user is located. The information is grouped and it helps to simplify reading a large amount of text from from screens with any resolution.

One more interesting feature is cards. Cards with descriptions and in conjunction these are buttons which pop up in the modal windows. Under this description you can find the short video about the page scrolling. I’m convinced that Parallax didn’t die but if you use it in your design it should be absolutely unobtrusive. In this case it is necessary as additional abstract element from the right part of the page to support left-oriented cards. So that this page is permanent updated and we have the probability to find the big gap which can ruin visualisation.

Below you can see the other preview of the cards visualisation which have the links. We have the same visualisation for clickable and non-clickable cards. And in order to show their different functionality, I added just one simple element — the link “Learn more”. In the most cases every little thing can help us to structurize our content.

There is the multifunctional banner with several types of information: advertise, news, message, etc. I call it situational banner. Due to simple construction of all elements in this banner, it is difficult to spoil the visual part of the banner. These are really important things for designers and programmers when they give their work for clients. We should be sure that everything will be good.


AxxonSoft Ltd. Company

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