I am Nina. An award winning designer with professional experience in software, branding, web-development, interactive, metaverse architecture design industries. And an artist.

It is important for me to bring to life beautiful as well as handy pieces. My special passion, to solve complex problems, and to understand the details. It is this experience that is the basis of my art.

Metaphorical images of human capabilities. At the heart of every piece of art are human manifestations: physical or emotional.

The collection reflects on the theme of the technology race, in which we doom ourselves to uselessness in the future. Where among neural networks, engines, parts, cogs, is there a place for a human?

The collection tells about historical cyclism, each work is an allegorical image of a historical event. Cyclism is opposed to the idea of progress.

The image of Venus symbolizes culture and history. Ideological messages are encrypted in each individual graphic element on the body of the sculpture.

The collection belongs to the direction of Experimental art, where modern painting and graphics take on life and are transferred to 3D space.

ɦʊʍǟռɨօռɨȶʏ is the 1/1 Genesis collection. Includes a multi-part art. Each NTF-series contains a specific type of research of human capabilities.

Much love 2 U

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