nInA sliPChenko

This is the main concept of a personal project. Yes, the bracelet itself and its working mechanisms are just an invention. I worked this concept by leaps and bounds to prepare a competitive project for UCRAFT.

But the main idea of the project is to remind you how it is important to think over about environment in conjunction with future. Because these two things are common to all.

mAIn Page

of the project

For the design of the concept of a bionic bracelet, I prepared a promotional video for adding an advertising exposition. Which also made the concept more believable and expressive.



For the pre-order page, I selected the characteristics for each bracelet individually. In terms of ergonomic properties and material properties, bracelets absolutely meet the standards for creating jewelry.

Pre-oRdeR Page

& Feedback forms

The bracelet does not work by itself. Like modern technology, it has its own mobile application for the convenience of working with a bracelet. In my concept, in the application, you can select pre-installed or customize your own propagation properties of the generated sunlight.



sHorT ProtOTYpe

of application