nInA sliPChenko

This site was created for the state construction company Engeocom. The company occupies its niche in the market for more than 30 years. The business of the company is engaged in construction of large infrastructure building objects in Russia. My goal was redesign the site for enhancing the competence of the brand as a complex information resource. That is mean that the main front part of the site is objects, the back — news about building, documentation and of course the faces.

maIn PAGe

of the project

What I always do after careful analysis of the site is prototyping. Or rather a simple outline with spaced features and accents. Naturally, this is the main and integral part of the designer’s work in the field of web design. But I need this outlines and sketches to play with them. Your design is good in case you can divide it into several small pieces and it still works good. When my prototype is done I print it and cut into several semantic parts. After it I change these parts in places until I’m sure that is six of one and half a dozen of the other.. Here is just a little secret of the working process. That is mean that the information was grouped correctly. So, move on.


And more sketches

The page of the objects. Since the front part of the site is building objects, it is necessary to show the whole object in its entirety. Also, in addition to navigating in the search for objects, I added buttons of objects: under construction and completed, in a photo to visually predetermine the user’s perception of the information. The navigation bar for news and video. The most scrupulous panels. I’m very sensitive to pixels, it’s important for me, that after my work, when the product manager manages the site, there are no problems with the placement and visualisation. 




Long longread

Linearity of the text. There was a time when monitors appeared 23-27 inches, the sites became adaptive and the content began to stretch wider and wider. For me it is important not to sacrifice visualisation, not leaving in the past year, to keep reading information. If we have the news on the site so that is mean that they are important. Therefore, the user should easily read them. That is why the right sidebar has been added on the inside pages of the site, to reduce the area for reading, and to place advertising information in the field of visibility.

rePoRTs PaGes

with objects

Due to the correct layout of the information, the scanning of the page doesn’t do any harm to the visual part of the site. When I organized this part of the articles, I acted on behalf of the content manager. Who needs the simplest functionality to create beautiful news without the ability to break anything, or add something from yourself. 

Press RoOm

with objects

And of course small screens, or screens of other positioning. Since people live more often in the phone, there should be an opportunity to work with a full-featured site from the phone.

OtheR Formats

Mobile option