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One of the most difficult and interesting project due to my experience is the site for AxxonSoft is a leading developer of smart integrated security and video surveillance systems. The AxxonSoft VMS and PSIM platforms power more than 300 Safe City municipal surveillance projects and security systems at retailers, banks, international airports, seaports, industrial sites, and numerous government and business facilities around the world. And the site contains a sea of information. So, the goal was to save everything, redesign and structure.

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of the project

Because of a big quantity information on the site the menu and links turned into a big problem. After careful analysis I came to the conclusion that permanent surfing the site was so boring and torturing user. The user will get frustrated before he or she finds whats needed. The first task was wipped off the site 4-levels links, and save 3rd-level menu. Therefore I added the rescue functional. It is the modal windows. Each modal window has the unique link, it gives an opportunity to copy it from browser application and share this link with other users. It sounds strange, don’t it? Thanks to programmers who found the solution. My second achievement was simplification of quantity of the links until 3 types sorted by importance.


of the main page

Work on the project on the site provided the basis for creating a complete design system for all applications and sites belonging to the ITV group of companies. This guideline is intended for orientation in the whale system and site structure. It describes the basics of the visual language, design principles, basic interface elements to use, and other complex components.

Key elEments

of tables, bars and classes

The main task in the formation of a new visual solution for the site, and processing the structure is to avoid complicating the perception of the interface for the user. The new principle of presenting information will make the site one of the sources of income, in various areas and equivalents: expanding the knowledge base, increasing service productivity and support work, forming new contacts and leads, as well as increasing the growth rate of funds.



ModUles SysTem


fEedbacK foRm


The system of modules is necessary for the scalability of the site pages. Since the site contains a large number of scripts and pages that cannot be brought under a single grid and composition, it is necessary to use a modular system that solves the problem of the scalability of pages and internal blocks.

Blocks are separate sections on the pages of the site that contain visual and textual information and influence the result of the user’s decision. Simply put, such sections will allow for the structure of the site page to be changed without pain for the semantic blocks in places, repeat them if necessary, resize and delete. The site interface consists of: variables → basic elements → components.


one column module

The ultimate goal of system development is to obtain a complete set of terms, expressions of program and visual languages that will allow you to create a complete knowledge base and functional library. Such tools will further facilitate the workflow to create new templates for websites, new pages, and also help to quickly understand and easily navigate the stages to new employees, new contractors, all colleagues who will be involved in the development of web resources.

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