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Rubicon is the developer of fire alarm systems. The site design was developed from scratch. The main difficulty in developing the project is the lack of analogues in the market. The result of the work was the profile of the company with a huge number of names of goods and articles. A convenient platform for users to find, select the prober product and order it.

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of the project

For the site was prepared several graphic elements for displaying objects on the example of which the fire safety system works. The main task of these simple pictures is to reflect the essence and the preparation of such a format of pictures should not take much time.



For each product, high-resolution photos were requested and processed for further use in branded materials: on the website, in brochures, in partner products, etc.

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left bar

The software for the calculation of the length of the loop was transferred to the site. The mathematical part of the calculator was completely redesigned so that the final results were as accurate as possible.




& Support

For typical project pages, a unique infographic was created, where diagrams of connecting loops and fire safety devices are depicted on the section of the build.

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Rubicon — fire alarm systems