EDEN | 13 moon

Spacious modern building tells the story of the Gardens of Eden. On the ground floor, you are met by Eve, who flies up after Adam. The floor includes a gallery and a meeting area. On the second floor, among the smooth colonnades, where the rays of thirteen moons break through the cold stone are two exhibition areas separated by arches. On the third floor, the story of Adam and Eve ends, where their bodies are intertwined with passion, there is a chill-out zone for relaxation and meditation.

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Space Theme / Sci-Fi, Gallery, Music

About Nina

I am a designer by profession and a creator by nature. It is important for me to bring to life beautiful as well as handy pieces. I have been working in this field since 2009. Also have 11 years of art education and graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics at the Faculty of Design and I’m a certified specialist of the highest class. Welcome to my world and I am really glad to see you here.

Much love 2 U

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